Childish Gambino Performs At Listen Out 2015, Melbourne / Photo: Michelle Pitiris

Looks Like Childish Gambino’s New Album ‘Awaken, My Love!’ Is Out Next Month

UPDATE 10/11/16: Childish Gambino appears to have confirmed the title and cover art of his new album.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans have been expecting Childish Gambino‘s new album ever since he performed over a number nights at Joshua Tree in California in September, but it looks like it might now be finally upon us.

A Reddit user has spotted a poster in a US electronics store that included Childish Gambino in its schedule of upcoming releases.

The poster (below) states that Childish Gambino’s new album will be called Awaken, My Love! and will be out on 2nd December.

The album is also up for pre-order on Amazon Germany with an expected release date of 2nd December. That information is further backed-up by music resource site AllMusic.

The album was originally expected to be called PHAROS, mostly due to the name of Gambino’s September event, but by the sounds of it he’s not going with that name.

According to those who heard the album at the PHAROS event, this record is going to showcase “a WHOLE different Gambino”. It’s been described as “funk/jazz/futuristic 80s pop” and a “funk/jazz hybrid”.

If the release date is true, it’s very good timing for Aussie fans as they will be among the first to hear these songs live following the album’s release.

Gambino is due to headline Falls Festival and Field Day over New Year’s, and he’s due to touch down in the country at the end of December.

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Image via Reddit (_LucidDreams)

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