It Looks Like ‘The X Factor’ Won’t Be Returning Next Year

Bad news for fans of confetti cannons, inspirational singles and Iggy Azalea, reports are suggesting that The X Factor has been axed.

According to The Music Network, Channel Seven has not signed The X Factor on for another season, although they usually would’ve done so by this point in the year. They also haven’t begun auditions for the next season.

“No decision has been made yet,” a Seven representative told TMN.

Sources suggested that the decision is due to the declining ratings of the show. The talent search was once one of the network’s biggest raters, failed to achieve 700,000 viewers with its last show. In its heyday, it was rating over 1.5 million.

Its being reported that Seven is looking to replace the show with a ‘love’ style program which may be a wise decision given the success of The Bachelor and First Dates.

Seven‘s annual list of programming released on 26th October doesn’t feature The X Factor, although they will be putting series about Shane Warne and Olivia Newtown-John on our screens in 2017.

The X Factor rebooted this year with new judges Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert. It was branded as the ‘Next Generation’ but it seems it will be a generation short-lived.

Farewell The X Factor. May we never forget the winner who disappeared for a week to go and sleep in a cave.

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