Lorde’s Finished Writing Her New Album But Don’t Try Telling Her To Release It

Lorde has revealed that she’s written her second album, responding to a pushy Instagram fan who wanted to know what’s happening with the follow-up to her 2013 debut Pure Heroine.

It looks like now that Frank Ocean has dropped his new albums, people have turned their attention to Lorde, but she’s issued a stern warning that she’s not going to let your prodding get to her.

An Insty fan asked the Kiwi, “Do you think we will ever get another album or should we just give up on you as an artist?” and Lorde fired back telling her to, “give up one me if you want to”.

“I’m an artist, I write a record when I have enough special stories to tell, and it’s all me, every melody every lyric, not some team who just start the machine up every eighteen months like clockwork,” Lorde said.

Despite being clearly angered by the fan, she did actually offer an update on the record, saying, “the record is written”.

“We’re in the production stages now,” she wrote. “I’ve worked like a dog for a year making this thing great for you guys.”

Unsurprisingly, the pushy fan was happy with her answer saying, “Just what I wanted to hear.”

So, there you go. Don’t ask Lorde about the album or you may just get a very well put together response that details what stage the album is at.

Despite it being three years since Pure Heroine, Lorde has still offered us up little bits and pieces along the way. She contributed to and curated The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One soundtrack, collaborated with Disclosure on Magnets and co-wrote Heartlines off Broods’ album Conscious.

Check out the exchange between her and her Instagram fan below (via Pigeons & Planes).

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