Lorde Talks Vampire Weekend, Making People Cry, Looking Like Gollum In Reddit AMA

Lorde took over the internet this morning, giving Beyoncé some well deserved relief, and answered a bunch of questions from fans during an hour-long Reddit session of Ask Me Anything.

As word spread of the teenage breakthrough artist’s internet residency the AMA exploded with questions about hair products, her beef with Tyler The Creator, broken beer bottles and Vampire Weekend. Classic Internet fodder really.

The 17-year-old Lorde showed signs of her unique self-assuredness early on when asked if she regretted entering into the fickle music industry at such a young age. “Actually, no. I feel like I learnt early on how things worked and that gave me a good understanding of what could be fucked with/which rules were dumb and shouldn’t have to be followed,” wrote Lorde on the forum.

“Plus, I can sit down with basically the most intimidating people in the industry and not flinch. And maybe even make them flinch. Or cry. Heh.”

The charmingly sincere singer also responded to criticism of her on-stage performances saying, “when I’m onstage, I don’t think about how it looks, I just concentrate on really feeling what I hear.” Then adding, “but I totally know I look like Gollum when I perform, so it’s cool.”

Lorde also gave fans of her luscious locks a little insight into her hair routine when asked what kind of shampoo she uses. “My mum buys it in 2-litre bottles from the supermarket,” she mused. “I don’t even know.”

Fans also got down with some serious questions for the young artist. Shazzabam asked Lorde if she was planning on finishing school. “Not sure yet! Obviously it’s hard at the moment, although I do read theses/academic writing from teachers regularly,” the singer answered.

“I read this cool thing Jennifer Lawrence said the other day about learning about the world through books vs. her real world experience, and I’m definitely feelin that right now. But maybe that’s just a lazy person’s excuse.”

She also spoke some behind the scenes action from the making of her music videos. When one reddit user asked how many takes it took to shoot the video for Tennis Courts, Lorde revealed, “There’s a funny story about that video. We actually shot a completely different concept, and the video you know was going to have little one-second extracts pulled from it to go into the video we were making.”

“But I thought the version we ended up going with was a million times more compelling. Maybe took 3 takes,” she said, not forgetting to answer the original question.

She also turned to her Reddit kin for help about her next music video. When /u/starstunning asked “What songs off the album do you really wanna do a video for? BUZZCUT SEASON seriously deserves one, hope you won’t let that slip!” Lorde answered, “Can’t decide between Ribs, 400 Lux and Buzzcut. Feel free to decide for me, reddit.” Thousands of votes followed ending in pretty much a dead heat.

Lorde also spoke about brushing shoulders with indie-music’s elite, when one user shrewdly asked “Have you ever met [Vampire Weekend Frontman] Ezra Koenig?” “Yep,” replied Lorde. “He used the word ‘schwag’ without blinking and I taught him the meaning of the word rude; as in those are some rude-ass pajamas you wore onstage tonight, man.”

Finally, in the spirit of all things good the internet has to offer, one punter braved to ask the Royals singer if she’d seen the cover by Puddles the Clown making viral waves at the moment. “It’s my FAVOURITE,” replied Lorde. And on that note…

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