Luca Brasi Slam “Ropehead Fucks” For Making Fans Feel “Unsafe” At Sydney Show

Tasmanian rockers Luca Brasi have called out a group of “ropehead fucks” whose behaviour “made people feel unwelcome and unsafe” at their recent Sydney show.

The band, who performed at Sydney’s Manning Bar on Saturday, 18th August, have taken to socials to criticise individuals who caused trouble at the show, while thanking fans who behaved themselves.

“There were certain members of the audience in Sydney whose behaviour made people feel unwelcome and unsafe, so much so that they decided to leave our show early,” they said.

“Dancing around and singing along always makes for awesome vibes. Shoving people and knocking them to the ground does not.

“We’ve been through shit too many times and it’s not why we want to play shows. Consideration for how you occupy space at shows, and showing respect for your audience mates, will always make for a better experience for everyone. Failure to do so will see you removed from the show.”

Luca Brasi said that aside from the Sydney troublemakers, their current national tour behind new album Stay has been “fantastic”, but they reminded fans to “look out for each other”.

“Make sure we’re all having a good time, and report this type of stuff straight away,” they said.

“And if you ropehead fucks kook it one more time I’m going to shove my Les Paul so far up your ass that Gibson will try and turn your Adam’s apple into robot tuners.”

Luca Brasi’s 2018 national tour continues in Perth on Wednesday night, before heading to Adelaide and Melbourne. The band are also set to host their Launceston-based music festival ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off this November, so be on your best behaviour.

Read the band’s full statement, below.

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