M.I.A. Gets Impatient With Beyonce, Shares ‘Flawless’ Remix

Making the most out of Beyonce’s current stint in the headlines, the troublesome M.I.A has released her latest cut, a nifty little Flawless remix dubbed Baddygirl 2 featuring not 1, but 2 samples from Queen Bey herself.

Baddygirl 2 contains parts from the radio-friendly anthem Flawless as well as snippets from the well-aged 2008 single Diva. The songstress teased the release of the remix with a brief clip featuring her 5-year-old son Ikhyd, says Pitchfork.

By the looks of things, Camp Bey is yet to approve the track, but given that they have “not replied for months”, M.I.A took it upon herself to release it to the salivating masses, who are probably more consumed with WTF was going on in that elevator.

Listen – M.I.A – Baddygirl 2

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