Macklemore Is A Magician Now And He’s Working On A “Magic Rap Album”

Every day we stray further from the light, and in one of the darkest days of 2019 yet, we regret to inform you that Macklemore has been working on his magic tricks and is going to drop a magic rap album.

Why hath God forsaken us?

Taking to social media, the ‘Thrift Shop’ rapper announced that he’s working on an album that’ll be both a hybrid of magic and rap – what this means we’re not so sure.

And, he’s letting his fans name the album. What on Earth is happening?

“I’ve been working hard on this magic shit,” he wrote.

“And now I’m combining both of my talents for the first ever Magic Rap album. And YOU get to pick the name.”

He then said that whoever writes the winning name gets a free dog, except Macklemore gets to choose and name it. Indeed.

See the post below, and join us all in prayer.

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