Macklemore Struggles To Stay Sober Following Chart-Topping Success

Uber successful US rapper Macklemore has confessed to Rolling Stone magazine (Via NineMSN) his current struggles with the lifestyle associated with making a chart-topping hit. Having previously spent time in rehab, Macklemore explains that he wouldn’t be able to keep going if it wasn’t for his AA meetings.

Thrift Shop has been getting absolutely flogged for months, but according to the 29-year-old, it hasn’t been totally awesome, “The last three months haven’t been good for me — the pressure, the expectation, the lack of sleep, the stress, the travelling,”

He added, “I can’t escape Macklemore. I just want to get the fuck out of my own head.”

In 2008 Macklemore had a stint in rehab for drug and alcohol-related problems but seems determined to stay on the wagon, “It’s very important to go into the rooms of AA, smell the shitty coffee and be reminded that without sobriety, I would have no career”.

This could all be the catalyst for his next chart-topper.

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