Madina Lake Bass Player Attacker ‘Not Guilty’ Of Attempted Murder

In a decision that has stunned not only the band but everyone following the case, a Judge has handed down a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict to Justin Pivec, previously found guilty for the attempted murder of Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone.

It would appear no good deed goes unpunished as on the night of the incident, Leone attempted to break up a violent domestic dispute on a street in Chicago, Illinois. Pivec was apparently viciously beating his wife when Leone jumped in, only to receive a life threatening beating himself. The 30-year-old from the alternative rock band was hospitalised after falling unconscious with a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage from the ordeal. Surgeons had to remove one third of his skull to save his life.

This week the Cook Country District judge has ruled Pivec not guilty on the charge of attempted murder, and it is still pending whether or not domestic abuse charges will be laid against him. Pivec still faces the lesser charge of aggravated battery resulting in serious bodily harm.

The band issued a statement via their Facebook to voice their frustration and confusion:

“Admittedly we’re not well versed in the justice system but today a vicious coward was given a free pass for beating his wife and almost killing my brother. This has taken a tremendous toll on all of us for 2 years and though we’re devastated… We will continue to focus on the positive, which is that Matthew is still with us and hopefully this has spread awareness for victims of domestic violence. More later as we attempt to comprehend this.”


Source: Contact Music

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