Madonna Gets All Middle Aged On Audience “If You’re Going To Smoke Cigarettes, I’m Not Doing A Show”

At a recent performance in Santiago, Chile, pop diva Madonna has found a new way to offend her audience. Or was it the audience that offended her? Either way, Madge unleashed on a swearword-riddled rant after spying some of her fans having a cheeky durry.

“Where are they smoking?” she can be heard saying on the fan-filmed footage below, courtesy of Buzzfeed. After finally spotting the culprits, Madonna was quick to escalate things: “If You’re Going To Smoke Cigarettes, I’m Not Doing A Show.” But her warnings went unheeded.

Though you can’t see the dirty ciggie smokers in the footage, it’s clear that they continue to puff away. “If you don’t care about me, I don’t care about you” she continued to say, clearly worried about the effects of passive smoking on her voice, “I’m not kidding, I can’t sing if you smoke.”

So Madge is happy to endorse the party drug MDMA through both her album name and tour name – MDNA, but draws the line at tobacco, despite posing with a dart in stacks of press shots.

The guilt trip didn’t work either: “If you love me, then don’t smoke,” she told the crowd, but once again was ignored. She is obviously unaware of how good smokers get at blocking out warnings. “You’re looking right at me while you smoke cigarettes like I’m a stupid fucking idiot,” she said as the rant climaxed.

Judging by the footage, it doesn’t really appear to be Madonna’s finest moment. The stadium looks at about half capacity and the gods themselves have frowned upon the performance, resulting in Madge donning a raincoat and an umbrella that gets blown inside out as well as having a stage covered with garbage bags.

But no, it’s the smokers that make you look like a ‘stupid fucking idiot’, right Madge?

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