Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Leaker Just Got Sentenced To 14 Months Prison

A red hot steaming plate of justice has been theoretically served up to the individual responsible for leaking Madonna’s unfinished Rebel Heart album late last year.

As Billboard reports, Israeli hacker Adi Lederman has been sentenced to fourteen months behind bars by the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for crimes relating to computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring, copyright infringement and obstructing an investigation.

Basically, Lederman hacked the songs from the private emails of Madge’s crew.

The leak forced an accelerated release schedule for Rebel Heart which Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary told Billboard “devastated” the pop diva.

“I mean, devastated and sickened that someone would do this to her and not allow her the chance to share the finished product with people,” he said.

And fair deuce. Lederman deserves to be punished for his actions. Artists have enough trouble getting fans to actually buy their music without some jackass coming along and releasing them before they’re even ready to go.

But 14 months jail does seem a tad excessive when you consider that ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd just got sentenced to home detention after admitting to drug possession and THREATENING TO ACTUALLY KILL SOMEONE.

On a happier note, you can catch the Rebel Heart tunesmith herself, Madonna, on her Australian tour early next year.

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