Magic Dirt Talk About The Loss of Dean Turner

Magic Dirt have issued this statement:

Magic Dirt’s beloved Dean Turner passed away on Friday August 21st, 2009.

For nine years, Dean battled an extremely rare form of soft tissue cancer called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP). This cancer became life threatening after it began to metastasize and cause various fatal tumours.

Being a very private man, Dean chose to fight the cancer in a quiet and dignified manner. He displayed great courage and incredible stoicism. And above all else he had an unshakeable positive attitude throughout his long ordeal.

His composure and grace during this time will never be forgotten and is an inspiration to us all.

As a founding member of Magic Dirt, Dean was the linchpin, the heart and soul of the band. He was the rock, the glue, the oracle, the cool filter. He was deeply dedicated and passionate about the music he made and the impact the band had on peoples lives.

Dean always came up with fantastic ideas but he tempered these ideas with a rock solid work ethic and made them not only real but a success.

Dean’s bass playing and sound is unique and unmistakable. With a great flow and organic playing style, Dean dug deep into his role as bass player, supporting and creating a bedrock, the backbone of the Magic Dirt sound. And fans will never forget his melodic riffing, heavy thunder, sonic shimmers and noise fests at Magic Dirt’s live shows.

Dean worked tirelessly because music was one of the greatest joys in his life.

Sadly, Dean had many projects and goals he wanted to achieve that will remain unrealised.

Dean championed a lot of Australian music, always interested in giving young bands a go, he was generous with his time and advice to those that sought his council.

Dean was also a band manager, being instrumental in the rise of Brisbane band Violent Soho, he guided and tended the band and had an immensely positive impact on them.

Dean was also an in demand producer. His vision and stabilizing effect in the recording studio allowed many bands the opportunity to realize their dreams of making great records. He produced such bands as Violent Soho, theredsunband, Gersey, Sons of the Sun and lastly worked on Adalita’s (Magic Dirt’s front woman) first solo album.

But the greatest joy and proudest achievement in Dean’s life is his family. He was an extremely dedicated and loving father and husband. His wife Linda and two children were the loves of his life and he cherished them with all his being. In the last nine years during his battle with the cancer he did everything he could to stay with them despite the pain and suffering he was enduring.

He had a profound effect on people, always leaving a warm and inspiring feeling.

The surviving Magic Dirt members, Adalita, Raul and Adam are absolutely devastated at their loss and cannot fathom a future without him. Above all else they will remember Dean as their beautiful and precious friend.

Kind, gentle, very funny and witty, had impeccable taste, a joy to be around, a great storyteller, extremely trustworthy, honest, direct, a diamond mind. They are so very proud of Dean’s brave fight and will do everything in their power to ensure that Dean’s legacy of integrity and spirit lives on.

The band has postponed their upcoming tour until further notice.

Magic Dirt’s love and thoughts go out to Dean’s family and to his wife Linda and two children.

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