Maitreya Festival May Be Returning In March Next Year

Ill-fated electronic music festival Maitreya has announced that it’s coming back next year despite previously saying it “may never” return.

If you need a quick catch up on Maitreya Festival, here you are. Earlier this year, the festival ran into trouble when the council denied its permit to host the festival at Wooroonook Lakes. They announced a new site but cancelled the festival after police warned punters not to attend.

They then failed to offer refunds to all ticketholders and ticketing agency TryBooking were left over $400,000 out of pocket. Another event was planned “exclusively” for those ticketholders but that too was cancelled.

It’s been a journey that’s for sure but it sounds like they’re ready to do it all again.

Festival organisers have penned a very cryptic post on Facebook that basically says they’re holding an event in March.

When we say cryptic, we mean really cryptic.

“Time itself has also contacted us and made the request, warning of quantum malfunction of the warp sphere should the dance not take place,” reads one line from the post but it’s clear enough to reveal that something is happening in March.

They’ve asked punters to “follow us down the rabbit hole” in March and also said to, “please stay tuned.”

It’s unknown whether it will be a festival similar to what was planned for this year. They were previously unable to get council approval to hold it at their regular site but were hoping something would change as the CEO and mayor of Buloke Council had stepped down.

Organisers did not confirm whether or not they had been approved or found another site.

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