Malcolm Turnbull Backs Macklemore While Trying To Rap On ‘The Project’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thrown a proverbial shakas at Macklemore, backing the rapper in the midst of an ugly stink over his upcoming performance of marriage equality anthem ‘Same Love’ at Sunday’s NRL Grand Final.

‘No’ campaigners — including former PM Tony Abbott — are dirty over the prospect of the Mack Attack using his pre-game entertainment spectacular to deliver a show of support for same-sex marriage, and are pushing to have ‘Same Love’ banned from his setlist, despite the fact that it was an ARIA #1 hit in Australia and just returned to #1 on the iTunes chart.

Last night, Mr Turnbull entered the fray, assuring punters that he’s chill with Mack singing whatever the hell he damn well pleases at the big decider.

Appearing on Channel Ten‘s The Project, the PM took his onion-chomping predecessor to task for the hypocrisy of opposing same-sex marriage on the basis that it could somehow hinder free speech, before nek minnit trying to stop Macklemore from exercising his right to free speech at the NRL Grand Final.

“Trying to censor the playlist [during the] entertainment at the grand final is not consistent with taking a liberal approach to free speech,” Turnbull said. “I assume Tony is expressing an artistic view.”

Macklemore recently revealed that he’s been getting a lot of tweets from “angry old white dudes” in Australia, and Turnbull reckons old m8 Tone is “certainly a white dude”, but whether or not he’s an “angry white dude” depends on his mood at the time.

“He’s entitled to express a view about songs and the reality is it’s the NRL’s grand final. They’ve chosen an artist. He’s going to perform some songs. They’ll be popular songs. Maybe not everyone will like them. Doesn’t matter.”

Turnbull also revealed that his fave hip hop artist is Tupac, while also admitting that a lot of rap music sounds the same to him. However, The Project‘s interview reached its zenith when the PM attempted to bust out a few of his own NRL-themed raps.

I don’t think we need a postal vote to determine that Malcolm-diddy should probs just stick to politics. Watch the chat below.

Meanwhile, one of Tony Abbott’s daughters has also gone against her dad to back Mack’s NRL performance.

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