Man Has Ear Bitten Off At Eagles Of Death Metal Gig

A dude is in custody after an altercation at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig left a fan missing part of his ear. The show was part of Canadian Music Week celebrations, taking place Monday morning local time.

The why/who/what and how are still to be explained but what is known is that, according to the venue, a female fan at the venue had to pick the piece of ear up, which is a fair bit nope. Toronto police confirmed the altercation went down, and that a victim was being rushed to hospital – but wouldn’t release any more info on the matter.

It’s not yet known if the ear piece will / can be re-attached but if this photo of the chuck that appeared on Reddit is as legit as it is gnarly, it’ll be right.

Reports from those in attendance suggest the situation was fairly heavy. Local blogger Alan Cross described it as “the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen”. Another witness told Exlaim! they saw a man with a head bandage being arrested by police, suggesting a defensive ear biting.

According to, Toronto Opera House’s sound engineer Will Schatz said “it happened at the same moment that Jesse [Hughes] went on the balcony to play guitar so lots of people missed it.”

“All the stories I have heard were different degrees of two guys fighting,” he added. “One guy was crazy and bit the other dude’s ear off. Then it turned into stories of a brawl where a guy got his ear bit off, then stories about the ear being walked on until someone was able to get it in a cup of ice. It keeps getting more and more exaggerated.”

To end on a positive, Eagles Of Death Metal launched a new beer. Boots Electric IPA is being brewed in Ontario with the proceeds going to the victims of last year’s horrific attack on Le Bataclan.

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