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Man Fined $1K After Drunkenly Pretending To Steal Police Gun During Jimmy Barnes Festival

A man has been hit with a $1 Grand fine after getting on the turps at a Victorian music festival that Jimmy Barnes was playing.

As News Corp reports, 32-year-old Mitchell Bruce copped to charges of resisting arrest and being drunk in public at Frankston Magistrates’ Court this week, after acting like a Working Class Jackass during the Melbourne leg of Under The Southern Stars.

He allegedly walked between a pair of police officers at the event, pretended to snatch one of their guns and made shooting motions into the air (totally picturing that scene from Point Break here).

He was repeatedly asked to move away, but refused, leading police to forcibly evict him from the event and instruct him not to return.

However, Bruce did return. Several hours later. And when he was asked to leave again, he “violently struggled”, causing police to tackle him, handcuff him, and drag him out of the premises and down to Frankston cop shop.

He was apparently so drunk that he couldn’t be interviewed by officers, but was later charged and pled guilty.

He’s since been convicted and fined $1K for his drunken antics.

Meanwhile, the Under The Southern Stars fest, which also features Diesel, Ash Grunwald and more alongside Barnesy, heads to the Gold Coast in February.

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