Marilyn Manson Has Collapsed Onstage Again

Marilyn Manson has collapsed onstage, again — this time during the Texas leg of his tumultuous Twins of Evil US tour.

Manson kicked off the gig in fine enough form, as those present at the Houston’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion recount. But his energy soon dwindled. After struggling through the fourth song of his set, a cover of the Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’, he faltered.

Slumping over one of his monitors Manson left a concerned road crew, bandmates and crowd to look on.

One fan captured the incident.

Manson reportedly regained composure for ‘Antichrist Superstar’, before exiting the stage and cancelling what remained of the performance.

As Houston Press reports, industry insiders were already alert to Manson’s poor health. Even before the show began, management had reportedly requested no professional photographers be allowed near the stage, as the artist did not wish for them to capture him in his poor state.

The publication also reported that while sources attributed Manson’s ill health to food poisoning, during the set itself Manson made reference to “heat poisoning”.

Co-headliner Rob Zombie appeared following the shock rocker’s exit. “My dear friend Mr. Manson is feeling under the weather,” he said. “He’s probably on the bus feeling like crap. I need a partner for the next song so let’s sing it really loud and make him feel better.”

This is the second time Manson has cancelled his performance this tour due to illness, the first being his Toronto show last month, when he said he had the flu.

But don’t forget that this is, after all, a man who is a master of media manipulation. Could it just as equally be some kind cosmic joke?

Well, the Twins of Evil US tour isn’t wrapping up until 12th December, so watch this space.

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