Marilyn Manson Hurls Actual Snot At Fans During Concert

Quickly children, gather and be quiet. We are now witnessing one of nature’s rarest spectacles: the demise of a once culturally significant icon. The illusive Marilyn Manson has again being spotted looking fairly out of place on stage, this time being downright revolting and legit bushman blowing on a fan.

For those who didn’t grow up in regional Queensland, a bushman’s blow is the action of clearing ones nasal passage in the absence of any material to catch or contain the evacuation. A vial act that’s so crude you wouldn’t actually attribute it to someone as esteemed Marilyn Manson. Well…2000 Marilyn Manson at least.

2016 Marilyn Manson is proving to be a different beast all together. According to those at Manson’s recent show in Virginia, and confirmed by pictures provided by Rock N Roll Experience (below), during the concert Manson repeatedly blew his nose and was clearly struggling with congestion. Then, he flings the snot right onto a fan.

So far, his tour has taken the shape of a slow-motion train wreck, with critics panning his “mess” of a live show.

At one show in Pennsylvania, Manson can be seen stumbling around the sound desk in a wildly unstable manner. Then he goes up to the board and appears to throw master volume up 10 fold much to the distain of the sound engineer. Moments later, homeboy’s on the floor looking like he has no idea how it came to this.

None of us do, really.

Manson will be releasing his next album Say10 due out on Valentines Day next year.

Watch: Footage from Marilyn Manson’s Pennsylvania show

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