Marilyn Manson Joins Alice Cooper On Stage For ‘Masters Of Madness’ Tour Opener

Marilyn Manson joined Alice Cooper on stage last Saturday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to kick off the pair’s co-headlining Masters Of Madness tour with a duet of the classic Cooper track I’m Eighteen.

In a move so obvious it seems like it should have happened eons ago, the ’70s shock rocker is pairing up with the ’90s, er, shock rocker for a series of North American dates in June. They opened their first show with the iconic track from Cooper’s 1970 album Love It To Death, with the man once known as Vincent Furnier waving around his trademark bloody crutch.

Both singers having previously toured with White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie, although reportedly things didn’t run so smoothly between Manson and Zombie, with the pair getting into verbal altercations on stage.

Mazza’s been busy of late, releasing his eighth studio album Born Villain, collaborating with none other than Avril Lavigne on her upcoming album, and being the face of luxury fashion house Saint Laurent. Alice Cooper has been busy being a Republican golf lover but we’ll forgive him for that because dude pretty much wrote the book on being a theatrical horror genius.

Watch: Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson – I’m Eighteen

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