Marilyn Manson “Wants” To Tour Australia Again, But Not At An Outdoor Festival

Marilyn Manson has revealed that he “wants” to tour Australia behind his latest album Heaven Upside Down, but doesn’t want to perform at any outdoor festivals.

Speaking on triple j this morning, Manson was asked when he’d be returning to Australia, given that he last performed in the country for Soundwave Festival in 2015, which included a number of outdoor shows.

“They haven’t told me when it’s supposed to be, but I obviously want to come there,” he replied.

“I’ve never really gotten the outdoor concert thing,” he said, potentially ruling himself out of the first-ever Download Festival Australia, which is expected to be held in an outdoor venue.

“I remember I went to Lollapalooza, the very first one, and I took acid… There was a family that had a picnic blanket out and they were all covered in warts. Head to toe warts, as if they were cactus people with warts, and that was not good to watch when you’re on acid, it terrified me.

“Strangely, maybe it was the acid that put me off, or maybe I was in the shade of the wart family, but it was not that hot out — even though it was in Florida — but any other festivals that are outdoors… they seem really sweaty.

“It shows that the fans really endure the weather to get to see their favourite bands, so in that sense I appreciate it.”

Manson also told a story of how he was supposedly mistaken for KISS — who he’s previously called “four gay dudes in Halloween costumes” — when he was hospitalised following an onstage injury earlier this month.

“The night I went to the hospital, there was an older lady and there were two tall young doctors,” he said.

“And [the older lady] was afraid to ask me who I was, but I had just come off stage so I had a lot of makeup on and I was still in my stage clothes, and I was on a stretcher.

“She asked the two younger guys if I ‘was KISS’… That offended me enough that I heard it and in all of the pain I was going through I said, ‘No!'”

Explaining how the injury occurred, Manson said, “I went to stand on a lighting truss that was part of our stage show, and I put my hand on it — some people thought I was trying to climb it — I just put my hand on it, and I started to teeter back and forth so I tried to stop it, but it landed on me and I got knocked down and it crushed the bottom half of my right leg.

“Nothing’s gonna stop me, I’m too determined and too excited about what this record means to me and to its relevance in the world.”

Relive 16 times that Manson fucked with pop culture in the gallery below, as we wait patiently for him to announce a new Australian tour.

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16 Times Marilyn Manson F*cked With Pop Culture

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