Marilyn Manson’s Bizarre Backstage Antics Revealed

After kicking off his ‘Hey, Cruel World…’ tour in Europe, details have begun to surface about Manson’s backstage behaviour, which, as I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear, is pretty weird!

David Troster, frontman of London’s Binary, who opened up the gig, revealed to NME just what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling, and it appears the ideals of Manson are real, on stage and off.

“Whatever you think Marilyn Manson is, he’s exactly the same… He’s nuts, like completely nuts. What you saw on stage is what goes on backstage, he’s just that insane. Definitely, the character is real.”

Troster lifted the lid on Manson’s backstage requests, which included having organisers paint his dressing room black, making the room temperature no more than 10’C and demanding that no one, not even his support bands, make eye contact with him.

This seems to tie in pretty well with his Soundwave 2012 performance, which really doesn’t need to be spoken about again.

Though honestly, you can’t be surprised that Manson has a bit of diva in him, surely by now the character of Marilyn Manson has totally engulfed his real persona. Brian Warner is no more.

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