Matt & Alex Unearth Their Own Embarrassing High School Songs

In the lead up to Triple j’s Unearthed High concert, featuring competition winner Japanese Wallpaper and an appearance by Seth Sentry, breakfast show hosts Matt Okine and Alex Dyson have unearthed their own cringeworthy, adolescent forays into music.

Matt’s song, credited to ‘Matty-Oh!’ and titled ‘Pardon Me’ on Soundcloud, is an overly-ernest emotional plea complete with heavy-hearted sigh. As the would-be singer/songwriter explains on the duo’s blog, “I went through a whole range of periods when I was trying to be someone I’m not … none seemed quite to ring with humiliating hilarity quite like my “try-hard emotional Jeff Buckley” phase.”

Not to be outdone Alex delivers a 5-and-half minute epic, titled ‘End Of Year Report’, which he boldly dared to perform before his teachers and classmates at his school assembly. It’s nothing but man, piano and humiliation with the pair adding, “It’s supposed to be funny. Whether it is or not is really up to you.”

Japanese Wallpaper and Seth Sentry will perform as part of Triple j’s Unearthed High concert, taking place tomorrow, 5th September, at Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne.

Listen: Matty-Oh! – Pardon Me

Listen: Alex Dyson – End Of Year Report

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