Meat Loaf Issues Apology To The AFL & Footy Fans

Meatloaf has publicly apologised for comments he made against the AFL and it’s fans in regards to his infamously terrible performance at the 2011 AFL Grand Final.

In a recent interview the 67-year-old singer slammed the AFL as “the cheapest people I’ve ever seen in my life,” before adding that he would still like to tour to Australia again.

“There’s a promoter that’s interested in bringing us back [to Australia], and if we can go back, I’m going back. Not for the AFL, but I’m going back to tour and kick their ass,” he added.

No news on whether it was those touring plans or the upcoming release of a his 16th studio album Braver Than We Are album In March that so moved him, but Meatloaf soon had change of heart over the comments, taking to Facebook to pen a lengthy apology, saying he was “truly sorry.”

He explains that because Australia was the first country to break his acclaimed 1977 album Bat Out Of Hell, he feels his actions were “extremely inappropriate”.

“I can’t take it back. It happened and I am truly sorry . I have learned one lesson from now on no matter what happens or when it happens . there is only one person to blame and that is myself . Stand like a man and say I am sorry,” he wrote.

“I may never see you again and I can never repay what the people of Australia have given too me. I betrayed your trust , I Apologize for any feelings that I have hurt, My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect for the people of Australia and the Australian football league.”

Meat Loaf’s 12-minute 2011 AFL Grand Final performance reportedly cost the AFL $600,000, but it lives on eternally thanks to the internet.

The AFL has come under fire this year, since unveiling its 2015 Grand Final performance lineup which features X Factor Judge Chris Isaak, British electro-pop star Ellie Goulding, your mum’s teenage crush, Bryan Adams, and not a single Australian act.

While, the AFL did enjoy a brief love affair with Aussie artists, including The Temper Trap and Birds Of Tokyo, in 2012 and 2013, as a palate cleanser following THAT Meat Loaf incident, they’ve taken another turn away from the local this year and music fans have noticed.

Read Meat Loaf’s full statement, and if you’re so sadistically inclined, relive his AFL performance in full, below.

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I was told not to Post on my Face Book any more.Things have been taken out of context. 1st I don't think I'm important…

Posted by Meat Loaf on Friday, September 11, 2015

Watch: Meat Loaf’s 2011 AFL Grand Final Performance

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