Meat Loaf Wants To Tour Australia Again, Even After THAT AFL Grand Final Show

Despite his famously terrible performance at the 2011 AFL Grand Final, American rocker Meat Loaf wants to tour Australia again in order to stick it to both the AFL and any haters who think he’s lost his touch.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Meat Loaf calls out the AFL for allegedly not putting enough effort into his Grand Final performance.

“We did a thing called the AFL… These were the cheapest people I’ve ever seen in my life. They said, ‘We’re gonna have 100 motorcycles.’ They had three,” Meat Loaf says.

Reflecting on his time in Australia, Meat Loaf says that despite his perserverance through medical issues, he wasn’t getting any love in return.

“I did a tour in Australia with a hemorrhaging vocal cord. I was spitting blood every night on stage. And I’ve got nothing but grief and major hostility,” he says.

“I gave those people everything I had and more. I had flown 44 people to Australia, we’re all sitting there. Insurance wouldn’t cover the band and everybody going back, so I just said, ‘OK, let’s go.'”

Even despite his touchy relationship with Aussie audiences, Meat Loaf seems keen to return down under to tour once more, but just not for the AFL.

“There’s a promoter that’s interested in bringing us back [to Australia], and if we can go back, I’m going back. Not for the AFL, but I’m going back to tour and kick their ass,” he says.

Meat Loaf has also put a call out to his haters, posting a comment to Facebook (below) in reply to an Aussie fan’s post. In his reply, Meat Loaf says, “I think we are coming back with a tour that will kick ass. All those people that think I’m done can put their head in an oven.”

Meat Loaf’s lacklustre 12-minute 2011 AFL Grand Final performance reportedly cost the AFL $600,000, but it did leave the internet with some great footage. Relive the moment in full below, alongside Meat Loaf’s words for the haters.

Watch: Meat Loaf’s 2011 AFL Grand Final Performance

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