The Meeting Tree Say Splendour In The Grass Will Be Their Last Show

The Meeting Tree have announced that they are breaking up bizarrely blaming “legal reasons” for their split.

The duo of Joyride and Raph Dixon will perform their final show at Splendour In The Grass this weekend ahead of the release of their final EP I Was Born A Baby And I’ll Die A Baby which is out 20th July.

Apparently, they are breaking up due to “legal reasons”, making mention of Antares, a company that produces autotune software, and copyright issues.

“We can’t tell you anything else about the break-up other than it has been forced upon us for legal reasons,” the duo said in a post dropping the video for It’s Alright off the final EP.

Dixon wrote an open letter for Stoney Roads explaining, “important information about copyright, your freedoms and how your actions can affect these freedoms,” while Joyride spoke to the music also about “Copyright and ownership”.

“We just want other people who are making music now – especially on computers, which is the way to go – to keep in mind that people that make the software that we use are trying to make money just the way that we are and it’s worth being mindful of that,” he said.

Joyride will be the only member present for their final show at Splendour In The Grass because Dixon will reportedly be appearing as a cardboard cut out.

“After all this, he feels like he needs to step back and is doing so in the States right now,” Joyride told the music.

“He’ll be there in cardboard form, which is our version of the Tupac hologram. I don’t think it’ll change the set too much beyond the fact that Raph saying our band name over and over again may happen a little less, because cardboard can’t really speak.”

Benson and Sam Margin from The Rubens will jump up with The Meeting Tree during their set to attempt to fill Dixon’s place.

“We’ve achieved everything that we’ve wanted to,“ Joyride said which may be the most logical conclusion for their end.

“Even though we didn’t start with specific goals, it doesn’t feel like there’s more to be done, which I think is nice.”

The Meeting Tree will play their last ever show at Splendour on Saturday on the Mix Up Stage.

The duo have, as they’ve admitted, formed a reputation for being jokesters so there’s a chance this could be an elaborate hoax but there is also a chance this is actually the end. If so, bring tissues to their Splendour set, it’s going to be emotional.

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