Megadeth Flying Born-Deaf Woman To Las Vegas For Her First Concert

Born-deaf Texas resident Sarah Churman made tears flow around the world when a video of her hearing for the first time went viral, melting the hearts of anyone with a pulse. Churman has now confirmed she will soon be attending her first rock concert, courtesy of thrash legends Megadeth.

“Yes sir. First trip to Vegas. First rock concert. There’s a lot of firsts happening,” Churman confirmed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who report that Churman and husband Sloan are being flown by Megadeth to Las Vegas to see them perform alongside Motorhead at the Palms Casino Resort.

“We pinch pennies and live on a shoestring, pretty much. So concerts are something we don’t get to go to very often. I’m excited,” said Churman. She explained that while she wasn’t previously able to understand the lyrics or different instruments in music, “there was always a way to enjoy it.”

“In my world, that was turning it up as loud as possible and feeling the vibrations,” she said. Things will certainly be as loud as possible when she sees Megadeth and Motorhead, renowned for their extreme volume, take stage. But she suspects she’ll be fine, “Oddly enough, my cyborg parts — they have a governor on it. They shut down at a certain decibel, so you can’t damage anything.”

Churman said that she was thrilled when the offer was made. “I was like, ‘Heck yeah, nobody’s gonna turn that down. That’s awesome,'” she explained, adding that she and her husband are looking forward to the romantic mood of Vegas nightlife, lights, people, and of course, the music.

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