Megadeth Wraps Up ‘Super Collider’ While Noting “Number 13 Weirdness”

Though there’s still a few months until its June release date, the 14th studio album from Megadeth, Super Collider, is now fully recorded, with the band taking to Facebook and Twitter to tell the world the good news and also explain some strange curiosities to do with the number 13.

The band have been working away in their own studio Vic’s Garage compiling the album and, as per their social network updates, the last note was sung by Dave Mustaine on Wednesday, 13th March (13/3/13), – just the tip of the iceberg in terms of coincidences regarding the number 13. Dave seems to be the one who noticed what he described as “more 13 weirdness” adding that not only were “13 of 14 songs used” and “song 13 left off” but also that it had been 13 years since Megadeth tracked Silent Scorn.

Silent Scorn may seem somewhat of an obscure track to mention but, as the band explained, horn player Bob Findley played on the track (from 2001’s The World Needs A Hero) and is a featured guest on the song A House Divided from Super Collider.

Astute Music Feeds readers may also have noted that the number 13 also has some relevance to a couple of Megadeth’s heavier compatriots – both Black Sabbath AND Suicidal Tendencies have albums titled 13 due for release in the coming months. Spooky.

Super Collider is going to be the first Megadeth album released (with a bit of help from Universal) through Mustaine’s own record label Tradecraft. Dave commented:

“We have worked with some great people over the years, and it is amazing to see so many of them on the Universal team for our new record, Super Collider… If Megadeth being here isn’t satiating enough, having Tradecraft as my own label is going to be really amazing for metal bands around the world.”

The tracks should now be in the final stages of mixing and mastering, meaning a single is sure to come in the not-too-distant future.

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