Megadeth/Metallica Supergroup? Dave Mustaine Wants One

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is pushing Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield to form a supergroup with him and fellow bass player David Ellefson after years of animosity between the bands.

Speaking to a Texas radio station a few days ago, Mustaine revealed his plans to get it happening “I’ve talked to Lars (Ulrich) and James (Hetfield) about me and David (Ellefson) doing a supergroup record with Lars and James.” But Hetfield isn’t quite solid on the idea yet, even though Mustaine is adamant about forming the group “Well, James said ‘no,’ but it’s still kind of out there in the air,” he said. “I’m gonna keep hammering on him. It’s on my bucket list.”

Mustaine was original member of the Metallica line up, but was fired in 1983 only to go on and form Megadeth. The bands shared a rivalry over the years, but recently played together as apart of the “Big Four”.

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