Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Apologises For Issues During Brisbane Show, Fires “Piece O’Shite” Guitar Tech

Dave Mustaine has delivered a minute-long announcement that he has fired his “piece o’shite” guitar technician after Megdaeth‘s show at Brisbane’s Eatons Hill Hotel last night.

Mustaine took to his Periscope account after Megadeth’s set, which was the group’s final show of their current Australian tour, to apologise to fans and to berate his guitar tech for being, as the title of the video says, a “piece o’shite”.

“You guys ever have an experience where you are in a clutch moment and you have somebody there that’s like your wheel-man and the guy just turns out to be a total fucking dewclaw? Like a totally waste of skin and life,” Mustaine says in the clip, which can be viewed in full below.

“Well, that was my guitar tech tonight and I fired his ass and I apologise to the people here in Brisbane. We’ll make it up to you sometime, maybe it’ll be in Hawaii when we luau this fat pig’s ass.

“I’m sorry, Megadeth is much better than what we appeared tonight.”

According to Megadeth news site MegadethizeD, Mustaine paused the band’s Brisbane show to tell the crowd, “We’ve been having a few technical problems we’re gonna take a time out for now while it’s fixed.”

Megadeth fan Dylan Coles is also quoted saying, “Guitars sounded out of tune with one another and Dave complained about the return in their in-ear monitors. The show started with 10 minutes late because the technician had to be testing the guitars a bloody eternity.”

Music Feeds reporter Emmy Mack, who reviewed Megadeth’s Sydney show, says there were also sound issues at that gig which appeared to be guitar-related.

A short snippet of footage of the technical problems at Megadeth’s Brisbane show has also made its way online, and is available to view below alongside Mustaine’s full, no holds barred guitar tech rant.

Dave Mustaine Fires Guitar Tech, Brisbane

PROBLEMAS TÉCNICOS en Brisbane acaban con un Dave cabreadísimo y con su nuevo técnico de guitarra siendo despedido."We…

Posted by MegadethizeD on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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