Megadeth’s Mustaine Denies Kicking Newsted Off Sidewaves

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has denied reports that Megadeth are responsible for dropping heavy metal outfit Newsted, fronted by Jason Newsted, ex-bassist for Mustaine’s former outfit, Metallica, from their recently announced Soundwave 2014 sideshow tour.

Yesterday, Soundwave announced that the thrash metal legends requested that Newsted be removed from the triple bill, which also includes Danish band Volbeat. Festival promoter AJ Maddah also made comments via Twitter, claiming that the two bands had been feuding.

But, in a response to comments made on Facebook, Dave Mustaine has denied these claims, saying he had no part in the decision. “I’m disappointed too,” he responded to one outraged fan “I explained to Jason Newsted this morning. We didn’t put him on the show and we didn’t kick him off the show. He understands.”

“I love our Australian fans and I love Jason too,” added Mustaine. “This is all a huge misunderstanding.” One astute Twitter user put this question to Maddah, asking him to clarify his earlier claims that the bands were feuding. “Maybe there is a problem between managers or agents,” replied the Soundwave promoter.

In the meanwhile, as details about these strange turn of events begin to trickle out, Jason Newsted has stayed quiet since the announcement, making no official statement or any chatter on social media.

UPDATE 4:26pm 07/02/14: AJ Maddah has remained adamant that Newsted were removed from the Sidewaves at Megadeth’s request. Asked by a Twitter follower about Mustaine’s comments, he said, “We were asked by Megadeth to remove him from Megadeth sideshow. No reason given.”

Meanwhile, Megadeth tour manager Jim Carroccio told ABC News Radio, “Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off.” According to Carroccio, Mustaine “submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list.”

Carroccio echoed Mustaine’s comments, saying, “Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill,” and insisted that Mustaine and Newsted are friends and that the situation “has blown up into something silly.”

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