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Image for This Melbourne Mum’s Attempt To Get Her Son Banned From A Club Is HilariousImages: Empire / Facebook

This Melbourne Mum’s Attempt To Get Her Son Banned From A Club Is Hilarious

Written by Zanda Wilson on September 23, 2016

A concerned Melbourne mum’s attempts to get her son banned from his favourite nightclub have backfired, after screenshots of the conversation she had with the venue went viral.

Empire Nightclub, located in the Victorian suburb of Narre Warren, was contacted via Facebook by the mum, who was concerned that her 18-year-old son was partying a little too hard and too regularly at the establishment. She requested that the club ban her son after noticing that he’d been spending way too much money at Empire.

“To whom it may concern, My son has been attending your nightclub on a weekly basis since he turned 18 in March,” reads the mum’s alleged message.

“I’m in control of his bank accounts & have noticed all of his money has been spent at your venue on a Saturday night. He is currently studying year 12 and his father and I are worried that not only is he not saving a cent, but he is beginning to fall behind on his school work.

“I’ve spoken to him on several occasions but he is struggling to see the big picture. I’d like to request you to impose a ‘ban’ on my son until the end of exams period (November).”

Naturally, Empire reposted the message to their Facebook page, but not before the woman’s son also got in contact with them. Here’s what he said in his message to the venue:

“Hey guys this is kinda embarrassing but I think my mum just messaged your page. Unfortunatly my mums a bitch & is immune to having fun, can you just tell her that you’ll ban me. Thanks guys, see you Saturday.”

At the time of writing, Empire’s Facebook post containing the messages has been shared almost 2,500 time, so let’s hope it’s legit. Read it in full, below.

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