Melbourne Rapper Steps Forward As “Fake 360”

Following yesterday’s hilariously strange incident, which involved radio station 3AW interviewing someone they wrongly believed to be rapper Matt Colwell, aka 360, the identity of the impersonator appears to have come to light. Melbourne rapper BK Ultra has outed himself as the journalist-destroying assailant, detailing the reasons behind his supposed shenanigans.

Yesterday, 3rd November, BK Ultra shared a video of 360 listening to the radio as “360” was being interviewed by 3AW host Tom Elliott. BK Ultra captioned the clip, “So I may or may not have just had an interview on 3AW with Tom Elliot posing as 360. This is him listening to it live on air #TrollKing.”

BK Ultra later shared a news article related to the story, and captioned it with, “I think 360 and I almost broke the internet today #trollolol”.

Music site Project U have apparently been in contact with BK Ultra, who introduced himself to them as “a battle rapper, troll and general degenerate”. If Project U did in fact talk to the real BK Ultra, and BK Ultra is in fact behind the prank, it appears that the rapper’s previous experience with journalism was part of his reasoning.

“I had heard that 360 had been approached last week about going on the 3AW program but obviously wasn’t interested as they would try and stitch him up,” BK Ultra told Project U. “After reading Tom Elliot’s article about 360 and hearing that the same ‘journalist’ interviewed someone who he claimed was an ISIS fighter without doing sufficient research, I felt I should volunteer as tribute and make an example of him.

“I actually majored in journalism at Monash University but didn’t pursue it as a career because of sensationalist nonsense like these so-called ‘reporters’ are responsible for,” he added.

This morning, 4th November, BK Ultra has posted on Facebook having reportedly been contacted for comment by national media. “Oops, woke up to a missed call from triple j. The 360 video is about to clock 400k views, haha,” he said.

At the time of writing, the real 360 is yet to publicly comment on the true identity of the “360” interviewed by 3AW. He has also neither confirmed nor denied any involvement in the prank.

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