Melbourne Shop Owner Asks Kanye For $6K After Pop-Up Store Crowd Intimidate Her Customers

A Melbourne shop owner is asking Kanye West to reimburse her $6,000 after she claimed the crowds lining up for his pop-up store took away from her weekend business.

As reported by 9 News, Charlotte Knightley posted on Kanye West’s Facebook page letting him know that his pop-up store queues in excess of 700 people had intimidated her customers.

Kinghtley runs a paper boutique Zetta Florence on Brunswick St in Melbourne and said that little old ladies who were coming in to “buy an album to protect their war time treasures” were frightened off by pop-up store punters who were “swearing” at her customers.

“Over the last 2 days I’ve lost about $6,000 (probably more) in weekend trading mainly because my customers are too intimidated to come in/don’t want to fight your crowd,” she wrote.

“I just thought I’d drop a note to see if you will send through a Cheque to cover the loss made?”

She further said she understands that Kanye is in a little bit of debt but thought maybe his wife Kim Kardashian could help out.

Unfortunately for Knightley it’s unlikely that he’s going to respond as Kanye doesn’t have an official Facebook page. He’s more of a Twitter man and even then that’s used mostly for big statements like this:

Kanye’s pop-up store in Melbourne was one of 21 stores opened worldwide this weekend to sell city-specific The Life Of Pablo merch. It was so popular that it sold-out of stock before it even opened for its third day of trading today.

Fans were lining up from Thursday night to be their first to get their hands on some Yeezy merch in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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