Melvins Frontman Wants Fans To Stop Romanticising Kurt Cobain’s Death

Never one to mince words, Melvins frontman King Buzzo upset quite a few Nirvana fans back in November 2013 when he told Consequence of Sound that he wasn’t “jealous” of friend Kurt Cobain‘s success because of the state in which the troubled Nirvana frontman’s life ended.

“People have said to me, which I think is crazy, ‘Do you ever get jealous that Kurt Cobain got fame and money?’ And I go, ‘Kurt Cobain is fucking dead. Are you kidding? What are you talking about? You think I would trade places with a dead guy?’ Yeah, I wish I had been more famous, and had more money, and was dead. No, no, no. I win. I win. He doesn’t win. He loses. He’s a major loser.”

“His fucking loss,” he continued. The singer also lamented the fact that in his wake, Cobain left a daughter in the care of wife Courtney Love, who at the time faced her own troubles. “He left a baby at the mercy of that woman. And, it couldn’t be worse. There’s nothing good about any of that.”

In an upcoming interview with Music Feeds, Buzzo responds to the criticism levelled at him by many Cobain fans following the publication of his comments. Many of whom, while agreeing with his sentiments, took exception to the harsh language that the frontman employed in his statement.

“If they wanna look at, through rose-coloured glasses, a situation where a heroin addict, who was a friend of mine, dies under absolutely tragic circumstances, if they wanna see the romantic side of that or like there is somehow some good to that then they’re insane,” begins the Melvins leader.

“What do they imagine I think of this? That I think it’s good? That I just look at the good times? What were the good times? A guy decides that death is better than life, leaving a child, and married to a horrible woman and a terrible drug addict. I think it’s absolutely absurd and insane and insulting that anyone could possibly think that I should have a good view of any of that. That is fucking nuts.”

“I honestly wish he’d never become famous if his fame or any of that stuff hastened his death in any way,” Buzzo adds. “Then everything he stood for, everything he did was worth nothing. I have no happy memories of that. I just view it as a tragic nightmare that I’ll never get over. And anybody that wants to look at it another way and think that I’m saying something wrong can kiss my ass.”

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Photos by Rebecca Reid

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