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Meredith Music Festival sold out

Written by John Ritchie on September 9, 2010

Tickets to the 20th Meredith Music Festival have now sold out.

From the press release:
Thanks to everyone who entered the Ballot, camped out or lined up at a record stores or pressed buttons from 11am today in efforts to get tickets. Despite record demand twenty years after it started, the festival will stay at the same capacity, will still have just the one and only stage, will still be BYO, will still have no commercial sponsors and no commercial signage onsite and will still in essence be what it was 20 years ago…insert your own definition of what that is here because there are about 10,000 different interpretations of it. That’s a festival. The Supernatural Amphitheatre is in career-best condition and looks forward to hosting everyone in December.

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