Metal As Poetry Is Next Level Creepy, Tear Jerkingly Beautiful

Often the metal scene is miscast as exclusive, a place for outsiders to gather and agree that the rest of the world are a bunch of posers. Rising to the occasion and bridging the gap between the fine arts and the dark arts, Metal Outlaw TV are introducing a more classically inclined audience to the beauty of the genre by turning metal lyrics into poetry.

This week, Canadian thrashers Infant Annihilator have been deconstructed, proving what born metalheads have known for years – this band is bullshit fucking hectic. Squeezing the band’s seminal jam Decapitation Fornication into the spoken word format results in something as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying.

It takes a man like Metal Outlaw TV’s Big C to truly expose the beauty within the beast and he ensures a buoyancy to lines such as “I’m obsessively stabbing you/The blood is drowning you/As you gargle and you spew/Bodily fluids fill your lungs“. The ease with which the words roll from Big C’s mouth makes you want to call your parents and tell you how much you love them.

The channel has gained some serious attention over their penchant for portraying even the most grotesque lyrics as soothing, contemplative poetry. We must say, Decapitation Fornication is next level, even for them. Legit C-bomb and all. Robert Frost can eat a dick.

Watch: Infant Annihilation – Decapitation Fornication As Poetry

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