Metallica Have Launched Their Own ‘Blackened’ Whiskey

Metallica have launched their very own ‘Blackened’ whiskey, named after the song of the same name from their 1988 album …And Justice For All.

The band partnered with Dave Pickerell (who they’ve coined as ‘Master Distiller Extraordinaire’) to create the new straight American whiskey, which will first be available in select US cities later this week.

The name of the new whiskey blend also comes from the black brandy barrels used during the distilling process, which affect the whiskey’s final flavour.

Pickerell and his team also supposedly serenaded the liquor blend with “low hertz sound waves” which were so intense they actually changed the finish of the whiskey — they call it “Black Noise”, fittingly.

In a statement, Metallica said, “It’s not often that we announce a brand new, never-been-done-before Metallica endeavour, so we’re incredibly excited and super proud to introduce Blackened American Whiskey.”

On top of their new whiskey, the band have also launch a range of merch to go with it, because they’re Metallica. Head to the whiskey’s website for details, or watch the video below.

This isn’t the only collaboration Metallica announced this week. On Tuesday they launched a range of Nixon watches, with each model representing one of their albums, because why not?

Metallica haven’t blessed Australian shores since Soundwave Festival in 2013, but drummer Lars Ulrich put hope in our hearts about a month ago when he said the band has “gotta go to Australia” as part of its current ‘WorldWired Tour’.

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