Metallica Suggest They’ll Be Releasing A “Real Heavy” New Album Later This Year

Speculation around Metallica‘s seemingly never-ending recording of new material might finally be coming to a close after Lars Ulrich has hinted that fans should expect something in the latter half of this year.

Speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone, Ulrich said that the band have still “gotta finish the new record.” Adding that “thankfully we’re quite far along” he was confident the band “should be able to knock that on the head this spring.”

Speaking of what else 2016 has in store for iconic group and their fans, he offered that it was going to be “a pretty in-your-face year” suggesting the band will be touring in the latter half of the year as well to support the album.

Speaking of the album itself Ulrich says: “It’s metal. It’s heavy.”

Late last year, Ulrich and James Hetfield starred in a little video that in parts gave us a sneak peak at the heavy riffs on the band’s new album.

Going on, Ulrich said, “there’s been this dichotomy between the new record, moving the band forward, and all this great stuff that’s happening in the future, and then really seeing the Matt Taylor book and reissues.” Here he was speaking of author Matt Taylor’s forthcoming book retelling the recording of the band’s seminal album Master Of Puppets.

“We’ve had one foot in the past, sifting through old photos and old memorabilia and listening to old songs, and another in the new album,” added Ulrich to RS. “It’s been a confluence of all these different energies, and I’m not even sure exactly what to make of all of it.”

Neither do we Lars, other than to just sit here and simmer in expectation.

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