Metallica To Enter The Studio This September To Start On Album #10

I’m sure this will come as bittersweet news to many who have witnessed the gradual decline in quality and quantity of releases at the hands of metal gods Metallica. But whether you like it or not, the band have confirmed that they have booked studio time in September to start work on their new album, looking to be released sometime next year.

Once again, as they did with Death Magnetic, the band has combined powers with production powerhouse Rick Rubin, further adding to the fear that the release will just be another assembly line ‘metal’ album. According to Blabbermouth, the news has come from Lars Ulrich, who was recently in a press conference in regards to the band’s headlining appearance at Outer Lands Festival.

Ulrich stated: “Every time James Hetfield picks up a guitar, there are some brilliant riffs that come out of it, and I try to make sure that they are all recorded and try to do my best to keep up with them and try to put some drums in behind them. So there are, obviously, tons of ideas sitting around waiting to be had in terms of turning ideas of James’ into songs. Pretty much when we’re done with the movie and with Outside Lands, which should all be wrapped up by early September, we’re gonna basically just concentrate on new music and try to get another METALLICA record [done].”

Hetfield himself has also given credit to the statement after telling The Pulse of Radio that the band is never running short of new material. “I can’t turn off the creative part of me, which is…a great gift,” he said. “There’s stuff coming out all the time, whether it’s in the tuning room, in my hotel room, sitting at home with the acoustic, wherever. The stuff is coming out, and it gets recorded or written down or something, some way, and it’ll come out at some point. Whether it’s on this album, the next album, who knows.”

Amongst all the hype around ‘Tallica’s ‘out of the box’ concepts of late, their actual music seemed to have been sent to the back burner. This will be the first release in a long time that the band has dropped without the assistance of long-term label Warner. The band had been under their wing since 1984, though Death Magnetic marked the end of the deal. The band seem undeterred by this, commenting, “There’s nothing but options, which is great.”

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