Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ Nude Student Parodies Force Uni To Remove Sculpture

A university in Michigan in the good ol’ US of A has been forced to remove a statue on its campus of a ball suspended from a chain, which stood for 18 years incident free until Miley Cyrus released her controversial video for her latest single Wrecking Ball.

Since the We Can’t Stop singer dropped her just under 4-minute ode to swinging around on a wrecking ball in the nuddy, Grand Valley State University has been plagued with incidents of students recreating the video and posting the results to the internet (below), with staff announcing that the ball would be removed last Tuesday morning.

School officials are more concerned with the stability of the structure than the likelihood of their students developing nasty rashes or a compulsive need to twerk, with associate vice president of facilities services Tim Thimmesch saying, “We really do need to verify the structural integrity right now, and consider the safety ramifications and look whether there’s a better way to install it.”

Wrecking Ball has broken the record for the video with the most views in a single day, attracting over 10 million hits within the first few hours of being posted on YouTube, and has now racked up 100 million views, the fastest video ever to do so. It quickly receiving the parody treatment, including a reworking as a PSA about the dangers of tetanus.

(via Under The Gun)

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