Moby ‘Mildly Electrocuted’ At Amsterdam Show

Moby has suffered any rock musician’s worst nightmare: getting electrocuted on stage. The incident occurred during a small acoustic show in Amsterdam this week, and you can see part of the ordeal in a not-very-nice video clip at Spinner.

Moby moved to reassure fans of his healthy in a post on his website following the electrocution, where he wrote, “yes, I was mildly electrocuted during an acoustic show at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam. But I’m feeling a-ok now. Maybe I even had some accidental electro shock therapy. Thanks for your concern.”

In the video, the 45-year-old is seen rubbing his neck and looking rather uncomfortable next to the female vocalist he was performing with. He then stepped down from the platform he stood on, only to collapse to the floor. A voice can be heard saying, “this isn’t a joke by the way” as the audience becomes confused. The footage was captured by AT5.

Moby also made reference to the event on Twitter, writing, “Thanks for coming to the acoustic show. I apologize for being electrocuted” as well as “Damn. Being electrocuted in the neck kind of hurts. Ah well, feeling much better. Glad it wasn’t worse. God bless tesla.”



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