Molly Meldrum Leaves Hospital – But Still Suffering Amnesia

Molly Meldrum is finally well enough to leave hospital after just over a month of treatment at the Alfred Hospital. He was transferred out by his brother Brian, and will still have rehabilitation for post traumatic amnesia.

Molly’s brother, Brian Meldrum spoke to Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast this morning saying:

“That’s [what happens] when people suffer brain trauma and one of the biggest parts of that is short-term memory loss and other things like confusion and not knowing what’s going on.”

He finishes off by saying “The doctors are very happy with the way that he’s progressing.”

The 65-year-old Meldrum had suffered serious head injuries, as well as broken ribs and a punctured lung from a fall off a ladder, while putting up his decorations for his annual Christmas party in mid-December.

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