Molly Meldrum Makes It Through Critical Period

Molly Meldrum remains in an induced coma at the Alfred hospital in Melbourne today and the good news is that there have been no signs of deterioration today. His doctors are confident that he will recover and believe that the most critical period is now over, but he may remain in a coma for a number of days yet. Doctors are waiting for the swelling on his brain to subside so they can gauge the seriousness of the other injuries he has suffered. He has suffered broken ribs, swelling of the brain and a punctured lung.

Earlier today Molly’s manager, Mark Klemens told the media:

Nothing has changed at this stage … it’s been an uneventful day, but at least he has not deteriorated.

A number of Molly’s friends have been turned away from the hospital and Klemens urged them not to be offended:

A lot of them would like to come and see them, but that just cannot happen at the moment. It’s all about his welfare and well-being at the moment and for that reason, the least number of people seeing him the better.

Molly fell three metres from a ladder while hanging Christmas decorations at his house on Thursday night.

Molly’s fall has bought attention to the dangers of ladders and the increasing amount of accidents reported as a result of ladder falls. The Herald Sun reports that there were 4 near-fatal ladder accidents this weekend.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said:

It’s important for people to make sure they’re using ladders safely, and if they’re having doubts, get help from a friend or use professional assistance. It’s a good idea to have someone there just in case there is an accident they can call someone else for help.

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