Molly Meldrum Spends New Year’s Day Recovering From Spinal Surgery

Molly Meldrum has spent his New Year’s Day recovering from spinal surgery at The Alfred Hospital after surgeons performed a procedure, known as fixation surgery, to mend vertebrae fractured after his fall from his roof mid last month.

They had to wait until his head trauma and rib injuries had stabilised before investigating the seriousness of his spinal injuries. Meldrum’s brother Brian spoke to the Herald Sun about his current condition, saying it’s a “step in the right direction” and that “down the track his mobility will be as good as gold” but “You can’t guarantee outcomes, it’s going to be a very long haul.”

He also mentioned that his brother had been talking, but it was hard to read too much into what he was saying. Brian said that Molly wanted to get out of the hospital, and also that he believes Molly can recognise him.

It is believed that Meldrum will be moved out of intensive care and into a trauma ward in the next few days.

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