More Drama For Metal – Former Obituary Guitarist Arrested Over Home Meth Lab

Former axe-man for death metal outfit Obituary, Allen West has been arrested following the discovery of a meth lab in his residence. The strangset part is the only reason it was discovered was because West literally insisted the police search his property after phoning in a break and enter.

West is currently being held on charges of Drugs-Produce Methamphetamine and Drugs-Possess Listed Chemical With Manufacture Controlled Substance, but it’s hard to feel sorry for him as the situation is totally self-inflicted. On the night of his arrest, West called 911 after two men broke into his house. West requested the police search the whole area to ensure the intruders weren’t still around. They weren’t, but a meth lab was.

West performed as part of Obituary for 20 years until 2006.

It’s been a shocking week for fans of Metal. West is the latest of high profile musicians to hit rough waters, with the As I Lay Dying frontman arrested in a murder-for-hire sting and the vocalist for Emmure suffering an electric shock onstage both hitting headlines in the past 24 hours.

(Via Metal Hammer)

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