Motörhead Demand Apology From Black Stone Cherry Over Cocaine Story

We all know that guy. The guy who re-tells the friend group’s greatest adventure like he was there when he wasn’t. The guy who claims to have done a whole lot of drugs that one time, but didn’t. Well, today that guy happens to be Black Stone Cherry’s Jon Lawhon who has been called out by Motörhead’s reps for claiming the rock gods offered them coke “every day” they were on the road together.

It was during an interview with Rocksverige that the bassist was asked to recall any classic Lemmy moments from the time the two bands toured throughout North America. Apparently not one to let the truth get in the way of a good yarn, Lawhon had this pearla’ already in the barrel:

“The funniest thing from the whole tour was that all of them would offer us whisky and coke every day. Not coke, but cocaine. We were like, ‘We can get down with the whisky, but with the cocaine, we’re alright.’ But it was every day that they would offer it to us and every day we told them and got the same speech every day, ‘Can’t believe you’re in rock and roll and don’t do cocaine,’ and we were just like, ‘We just talked about this yesterday.’ (laughs) They just didn’t realise they had just said the same thing to us the day before.”

Now a rep from Camp Motörhead has spoken out via the band’s official Facebook, explaining that drummer “Mikky Dee has never done drugs” – potentially due to strict orders from his frontman to remain clean or else, and that “the only coke Lemmy loved went in his Jack Daniels” adding: “Sad to see people the band helped lie.”

The posts also suggest an apology from Black Stone Cherry would be a good idea.

The apology came in the form of a status update, where Lawhon refutes his original story, clarifying they “were never offered any substances by Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil or their stage crew. We were offered substances by now former employees of the band while on tour with them.”

“I should have made that distinction in my interview,” he adds.

Probably, mate. Probably.

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