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MUM @ World Bar, Friday 25th June

Written by John Ritchie on June 21, 2010

Its the end of uni for the semester, its the start of holidays, its the end of the financial year and the end of those shit ‘EOFS’ TV ads so lets party!

We have $4.50 Vodkas or VBs all night for stooodents and $8 Cocktails from 7pm-9pm to get you warmed up before you get sweaty in the back room to THE JOYSTICKS who are easy to dance to and easy to spill beer on your shoes to.

THE HONEYPIES will be jamming out in the back room, they are sort of like the time when your older sister who was a rockstar in the 90s had an affair with her music teacher who was a rocker in the 60s and then they had that illigitimate child.

The backroom continues like a geologists end of year Christmas drinks- its a rock party with THE FiX doing creepy things onstage and THE SHAKE UP play their last gig for the month after 3 weeks of ‘broner’ worthy performances.

Albert Hofmann first synthesised LSD on November 16, 1938 and to celebrate his creation we have a host of bands in The Bordello that have surely taken inspiration from his talents.

headline the evening as they launch their EP launch Magnollia Manorshoe. They will be supported by two acts that maybe got into shoegaze psyc cause their shoes began to talk back to them; THE PRAYER CIRCLE and VIRGO RISING. The guys from VIOLENT PULP will also be playing to take you back to eye line.

And finally our resident DJ and resident seedy moustache owner Walkie Talkie is finishing uni finally and is shaving off the mo but not the seedyness. So he`s brought in a bunch of his favourite MUM DJs to play the soundtrack to a night of rediculous proportions: SVU DJs, Sweetie, Wet Lungs, Electrorash DJs, 16 Tacos, Cosmic Explorer Jenny Kong, Alvin, Gatsby, Vivienne Kingswood and Sammy K

To organise a guest list for birthdays or other special events you want to have at MUM email us [email protected]

MUM every Friday The World Bar Kings Cross.

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