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MUM @ World Bar, Friday 28th May

Written by John Ritchie on May 24, 2010

It’s the last week before winter officially arrives and invites you to wear turtle neck sweaters and muffs (yes go wiki a muff, they were quite popular in aristocratic circles in the late 19th century) to keep warm. I’m exhausted just reading the massive line up of talent they’ve arranged for this week.

To keep warm you could get heated up next to a stranger in the crowd at MUM this week when Lions At Your Door return to for their first gig in ages. Party, Punky, Drunky are a few words to describe the fun sounds these guys blow out of the speakers. Be sure not to miss them cause you don’t know when they are going to pop up again.

Canopy Choirs have grown legs and walked out of the breeding pool that is MILF and stumbled down the stairs and onto the back stage for their first main room gig at MUM. They are one of those bands that you can hear the influence of everyone of your favourite bands in.

Who plays gigs in Singapore? Carnation do. That’s fucking cool isn’t it? These guys are leaving the junkies and hobos of Smith St in Collingwood for high humidity to play some gigs in the land of Tiger Beers. They also have a new single out called ‘Gone’ that is as tasty as a cold Tiger Beer too.

And it’s Radio National’s last gig in the 2am residency for MAY. These guys have been the reason so many people have been staying around late at MUM, that have been tight week in week out and they will certainly cut loose this Friday.

Upsatirs at MUM (we aren’t calling it MILF any more) Scull Hazards get loud and messy, sort of like our bar manager Colin on his nights off. This Melbourne crew toured Europe last year and have some amazing reviews on their MySpace page in French. Its something like ‘Gerrard Depearddio thinks they are fucking croissant and their music is so hard and le champagne’. Amazing huh?! Come check them out before too much stuff gets broken.

Dead China Doll are locals and they say they have an rotating roster of members so you might find yourself on stage as the bassist at some point. Whatever the case, they are loud and sound like they have 100 band members, its a pretty encompassing sound.

Hira Hira played a little while ago upstairs at MUM and despite all predictions, nothing was broken. Lets see if the guys can win me my money back by at least smashing a chair.

Yes I’m Leaving are going to be a big kick in the pants for the three bands after them. Its going to be tough for the bands after them to be this raw and this much fun.

MUM wouldn’t be MUM if there wasn’t an overload of DJs and this week is no different. We’ve got Lions at Your Door singer and FBi Radio host Sweetie and her FBi radio partner Shag, Saint Augustine Academy label owner and designer Alvin fresh from his RAFW duties, original MUM resident DJ from three years ago and one of the Discopunx, Mr Charlie Chux, another welcome back for late night party boy Kapow, the drunken and shirt free excitement of Gatsby; hello to Urby – resident DJ at British Indie night Teenage Kicks who will be in early to DJ and finally we get to two DJs both whom sport fine moustaches: our man 10th Avenue who will be doing his thing upstairs between the bands and our resident representation of dapper Mr Walkie Talkie who will be allowing all and sundry to stroke his face ferret while he DJs.

And a few more DJs… really! The super famous, the super hyped, the super stylish Anna Lunoe (Hoops FBI) will be getting busy in La Discoteca and will be supported by resident and another FBi presenter 16 Tacos.

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