Mum @ Worldbar, Friday 8th April

The air may be getting autumn crisp but trust us when we say storms-a-brewing. This Friday at MUM we are feeling a little bit country and a little bit punk so leave the wagon and stallion at home and sample the rye flavors of bands like Ed Worland & The Green Teas, Places People, April residents Big Dumb Kid and Bang Bang Boss Kelly who will be on the dusty road for their Damian Barber Single Tour in the back room.

Be sure to check out the punks upstairs, Jack Colwell & The Owls, I Am The Agent and Toy Temple, keeping it like the most charming, dim light, house party you have ever been to. PLUS! When you consider the back room and upstairs are now open earlier and we have DJs running anywhere we can fit them, there is no reason not to party all night long!

Mum @ Worldbar Kingscross Every Friday

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