Mum @ Worldbar, Friday August 26th

With a similar vision of bringing music and culture to the streets, it was inevitable that a collaboration between MUM at the World Bar, The Spit Press magazine and Major Raiser, would occur. The joining of these creative minds brings you some of the trio’s favourite bands as well as friends, family, lovers and enemies joining forces to create audible harmony on the decks all night long.

Headlining this wild ruckus will be Peppercorn (pictured), an act that has already been drumming up international interest after only a short existence. Sporting members of the now defunct Red Riders, they carry on a pop rocking vibe but with the warm glare of a summer sun, that will warm any indie heart. Having been hyped by press and the blogsphere internationally, Fishing, have been remixing and collaborating with essential up and coming acts such as Guerre and Jonothan Boulet and the two gents will be joining us for an atmospheric electronic pop set, sure to entice their fans and win their fans to be.

Never ones to leave a crowd hanging, MUM, Spittpress and Major Raiser will be serving up The Mountains, Tank, Oceanics, Rockets, Tim Fitz, Vacant Field, Barnzy, Cuervo to chase and MUM, Spittpress, Major Raiser and High Tea Djs take the party through day break. The climactic event will take place at MUM’s home venue, which will see the converted terrace decorated from top to bottom and surely be a party to remember.

Mum @ Worldbar Every Friday Kings Cross

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